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Best Methods for Establish Exotic Hardwood Floors

For many years, we handled a Wood flooring store where we dealt some of the most wonderful, beautiful, creative and the rarest hardwood in the world.  As such, we can truly appreciate wood flooring made from these unique varieties.  However there are pros and cons to consider when choosing exotic forest for your venture.

Advantages of Exotic Hardwood Floors:

1. Hardness:  Exotic wood varieties, apart from Bamboo floors, provide the hardest floors available. Exotic Floors Direct scores calculating 2400 psi in contrast to conventional White-colored Oak at 1390.  Therefore, exotic wood floor’s varieties are your best option when involved about strength.
2. Unique appearance:  There is no mistaking the beautiful elegance that unique varieties provide to a style. From strong wealthy Mahogany to the natural lineal striping of Tiger wood.
3. Availability:  Most are available in a designed wood flooring system for improved balance. Also available in strong but be careful.
4. Finish:  Can be purchased incomplete for customization by Exotic Floor Direct Company (shop or online shop).

Disadvantages of Hardwood Floors:

1. Unstable:  Many exotic wood varieties like Tigerwood, Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Walnut, Santos Mahogany Flooring, Acacia wood Floors, Macchiato Pecan Flooring,  and others are extremely sensitive to changes in wetness, indicating significant development and shrinkage. Please be careful of the surroundings you are providing the wood into and plan to sustain a stronger patience of heat range and wetness variations than regular, especially with Exotic Hardwood Flooring.
2. Finish:  Almost all exotic wood flooring available on the internet are manufacturer completed several layers of a special adhessive and a loaded feed. This causes the outer lining space to be indicative which tends to make a “fake” wood look all over the flooring surfaces. This practice also makes re-coating, the behave of abrading the leading part and implementing a new top cover, very challenging.
3. Wear Layer:  A most of the prefinished exotic wood flooring available is produced with a slim use part, generally 0.6mm to 2mm.
4. Site Finish: Website completing exotic wood varieties can be done, but it provides its own set of difficulties.  Please study below.
5. Color Changes:  All wood varieties change shade over time and contact with UV light.  However, exotic wood varieties are more vulnerable to shade changes.  Please set client’s patience for shade changes in enhance.

Tips for appropriate choice of your exotic wood floor:

1. Buy from a well known resource with experience working with hard and volatile exotic wood varieties.
2. If site completing your floor it is crucial, please use a reliable, experienced wood flooring specialist that is well qualified in best complete practices of exotic wood flooring.
3. Job site circumstances, especially in personal, can present difficulties in the set up and completing levels of a venture. Please prolonged the wood floor acclimation period to decrease your risk.
4. Dust control is important. Many varieties have harmful dirt that can cause medical problems or problems in the home such as discoloration material, etc.
5. Exotics are often challenging to dirt.  The complete product a specialist uses consistently may not be suitable with your exotic wood floor specie.
6. Manage the customers objectives by working with the above problems in enhance.  Any specie chosen can be effective with appropriate knowledge and objectives.

As you begin discovering your style choices with Exotic Wood Flooring varieties, please you can contact us if you have any concerns or problems.  Exclusive wood varieties make wonderful wood flooring and can be a success if handled properly from style to completing.