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The Amazing Elegance and Strength of Tigerwood

Tigerwood floors is an Exotic Wood floors that is best known for its wonderful elegance. With its strong reddish/orange colour background with dark black vein striping. it is an impressive, durable & long lasting hardwood.

Tigerwood is known by a variety of titles – Brazil koa, Congowood, Africa maple, African walnut, zorrowood, coubaril, bototo, or muiracatiara, to name a few. Tigerwood may also make reference to several different types of trees: Coula edulis, a type of tree species from exotic european African-american from Sierra Leone to Angola, Lovoa trichilioides, also Africa in source, or Goncalo alves in Southern The united states (primarily Brazil). They all are evergreen varieties that choose tropical exotic or subtropical increasing circumstances, and all features the same dramatic feed patterning, although shade may differ from region to region.

Why Tigerwood Flooring is so popular?

Tigerwood Flooring is regarded very large and large with a Janka solidity up to 2160 based on the increasing area (67% more complicated than Red Oak at 1210) and has a particular severity of 0.45. It is normally immune to rot and corrosion and will not entice pattern and infection growth, which creates it highly sought after not only for external use, but also for furniture perform, false teeth, flooring surfaces and other timber tasks where the dramatic look gives certain style to the completed item.

Tigerwood floors is revealed to air-dry well with some minimal bending or verifying (which can happen in excessive conditions) and it generally avoids shrinking and activity after dehydrating. Tigerwood is dimensionally stable and avoids rotating and bending in the end item and will stand up well to put on.

Tigerwood floors has a variety of shading and striping. The striping can differ from wrinkles to strong swings and along with can have a level of shade change from a light lemon and tan to an in-depth red brownish. It also has a highly shiny area that is regarded almost greasy in overall look.

Tigerwood hardwood floors is widely used to generate flooring surfaces items and is regarded very resilient, and it avoids denting and traffic use very well. What is exciting about tigerwood is that it is often evaluated in a different way than other types when used for flooring surfaces programs because of the dramatic shading, which is what creates tigerwood so suitable. As an example, smaller qualities such as #1 Common make reference to small mincing problems or lack of lines in the end item. Clear quality tigerwood flooring surfaces is color-sorted for a wealthy light red shade with noticeable brownish and black lines.

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

brazilian cherry flooring

Brazil Cherry is one of our most popular forest because of its ideal balance of rich beauty and demonstrated strength. Its spectacular shades range from a yellow-coloured tan to red brownish when just machined, and it increases significantly to an beautiful deep cherry brownish as it ages. For flooring space that demand strength and durability season after season, personal or commercial, Brazil Cherry is an excellent flooring surfaces choice. Within the some past decades, Brazilian cherry wood flooring has come to symbolize all that is excellent and trendy and magnificent about homes.
Brazilian Cherry Wood Flooring is the Jatoba wood or timber. Jatoba wood or Brazilian Cherry flooring offers a rich reddish-brown tones with a stunning and beautiful grain. With its amazing solidity and classic appeal, it’s no shock to become buyer’s favourite option. You will get premium quality in our Solid (Prefinished Solid, Unfinished), and Engineered formats.

This solid wood does originate from the rain forests of South America, but its real name is jatoba. It goes by some other names, as well locust or courbaril but Brazilian cherry wood also found in Mexico and Peru. Because of its wealthy wine red shade & rich burgundy colour, it is called Brazilian cherry. It is cheaper than teak-wood and better substitute, although it nails badly.

The feature of Jatoba Wood or Brazilian Cherry is hard, very heavy, and very tough. The grain is generally interlocked with a rough texture. Relatively challenging to work due to its solidity and weight, however Jatoba or brazilian cherry is still one the most popular choice for wood flooring, home furniture and other woodwork.

The Facts about Brazilian Cherry hardwood

    Brazilian Cherry wood Flooring is really very hard wood  due to its ranking on Janka scale is 2820.
    reddish brown or burgundy colored and can be streaked with desirable darker stripes & lashes.
    Difficult & tough to install; recommend hiring a expert.
    Definitely it is not a cherry woods; Brazilian cherry is a marketing and advertising term developed to make the wood flooring more eye-catching to consumers.
    Available in solid hard wood and engineered hard wood varieties.
    Considered an vulnerable wood, as it mostly comes from the heavily-logged the forests of Amazon area. However, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified Brazilian cherry wood flooring can be purchased.

General Characteristics and Features of Jatoba wood Flooring

brazilian cherrywood floorsThe Jatoba wood flooring or Brazilian Cherry is the most popular solid and engineered hardwood flooring import from Brazil to the United states. Brazilian Cherry wood flooring, known for its solidity and strength, this exotic hardwood flooring product is a excellent choice in both equally personal and industrial installations. We provide superior quality grade in both pre-finished and unfinished types and several shapes and sizes.

Brazilian Cherry from Brazil has a reddish-brown colour. It darkens from a tan colour to a strong, reddish brown and is 182% as really hard as domestic Walnut.
Brazilian Cherry is an incredibly heavy wood; difficult to cut, varying  regarding colour, from light brown to light red, to reddish brown, with some intensive shadow. Heavy hardwood, notably classified, white slightly yellow, standard medium texture, frequent to infrequent grain of wood, difficult and of poor sparkles floor; imperceptible fragrance and flavour.

Pre-finished and Unfinished Hard wood Flooring
For being very heavy and of high mechanical qualities, Brazilian Cherry wood flooring may be used for interior such as beams, rafters & joists, wood made planks, doorway frames, parquet and floor coverings boards, in external technological innovation such as sleepers and dual tee junction, support frames, designing timber sheets, home furniture and others.
There are positive aspects and advantages to purchasing your Brazilian Cherry wood floor pre-finished:

    there are Up to 7 coats of aluminium oxide-based finish within 1-2 top wear layers.
    Finishing builds up off-site, in a manufacturing area, not in your residence. So, no smell or mess in the house.
    in this, there is No waiting for the wood floor finishing to cure. You can walk on this exotic hardwood floor right away.

Benefits of The Exotic wood Floors

Whether wood flooring used for a residential, or a commercial installation, exotic hardwood floors add an air of class, as well as architectural durability. wood flooring are said to offer a sense of durability to an internal and remain to be the most popular flooring option for those who value custom the most.

But then there are reasons, beyond the traditional values, which make exotic wood flooring a practical and decorative preference. Here is an overview:-

Straight-forward set up for those with experience: great quality hard real wood floors are specifically designed to ensure a consistent and constant fit. The option between completed and incomplete hard real wood floors is an important aspect in this, of course.

Simple to clean: Timber flooring are quite simple to fresh as they do not acquire a lot of dirt, dust, and debris. A every week cleaning procedure involves vacuum cleaning, moping and keeping the floor dry. That’s it!

Top great quality look: Timber flooring give an elegant visual and high-end look. Timber flooring offer the comfort, beauty and value of wood and never goes out of style. Timber flooring are also said to enable a look of space wherever they are set up.

Strength and durability: Top great quality hard real wood floors that are kiln-dried, manufactured, set up and completed to certain requirements can last for years. The difficult real wood floors are tough, hard-wearing, and have lengthy lasting durability. They can stand up to active workspaces and heavy visitors.

A Good investment: Choosing exotic hard wood floors increases the value of your property. It is a great long-term financial commitment and can actually become a strong resell discussion, exceeding the initial set up cost of the surfaces. It also enables a faster sale and brings higher prices at the time of resell.

Variety: Real wood floors offer maximum choices in appearance. There are many colors, styles, spots and species available. An addition is a option in the available complete that is pre-finished and incomplete difficult timber flooring. No matter how diverse and unique your needs are, there is always an option for you with difficult timber flooring.

Better acoustics: A properly installed hardwood ground never gives you empty sounds or oscillations.

Low maintenance: Real wood floors and the ground complete are easy to keep and maintain.

Healthier indoor air quality: These surfaces are a proper option for interior environments. It has no materials, grout lines or embossing that can snare dust, plant pollen, contaminants, animal plant pollen and substances that occur with floor coverings. They are a good option of flooring with allergy sufferers and improve air top quality.

Eternal quality: When other surfaces will begin to look tired and used, your difficult timber flooring will still look beautiful. And your difficult timber flooring become more valuable as time goes by. Also keep in mind that unlike carpet and vinyl, difficult timber flooring can be refinished rather than replaced when the complete has used out.

Santos Mahogany – The Esthestic & Elegance Hardwood Floors

contemporary-wood-flooring 1

Santos Mahogany flooring surfaces is one of the most popular aesthetic exotic hard wood floor in the world. Santos Mahogany wood floor has wonderful red brownish to deep red colour that remains to be continuous over time, and its tight grain provides as an beautiful complement to the rich shades with its fine, unique distinctive strokes. Like many Brazil exotic woods, Santos Mahogany wood offers not only a wonderful overall look but impressive strength as well. With a Janka ranking of 2,200, Santos Mahogany surfaces are 18% more complicated than Peach surfaces, the toughest of Northern American hard woods. For strength and awesome looks, a Santos Mahogany floor is challenging to defeat.

Benefits & Attributes of Santos Mahogany Flooring

Santos Mahogany wood / timber is organic to the jungles of central US and Southern US, from Peru to maxico, where the shrub can grow to 100 ft. high and have trunks that are up to 3 ft. wide.  Santos Mahogany is not a true mahogany timber.  The mahogany headline was connected to the name as a marketing scheme.  But that does not mean that it is any reduced in quality.  In fact, Santos mahogany is regarded one of the best timber wood for use as exotic hardwood floors.

The reason for Santos mahogany’s success as flooring product is its organic solidity and grain.  BR111 Santos mahogany flooring is ranked at 2200 on the Janka Hardness Range, an above regular ranking that surpasses most other flooring surfaces options and is 71% more complicated than the well-known red oak flooring surfaces.  A very interlocked grain design contributes to this, making Santos mahogany flooring surfaces one of the most resilient real timber hardwood floors options available.  This means that you can set up Santos mahogany flooring surfaces in great traffic places such as halls or cooking places without fear of denting or damaging.  Family members with animals or kids need not fear about the extra deterioration.

Santos Mahogany’s natural sturdiness creates it rather difficult to work with.  Make sure your resources are distinct and pre-drill gaps before securing or messing.  Emery paper should be fresh so that you can bring out the wood’s amazing enhance.

No one can refuse that mahogany flooring surfaces provides an amazing show.  Along with taste varies from light orange-browns to black whites and purples, with yellow-colored overtones throughout.  The interlocked feed sets up these shades in powerful, attractive ribbons styles.  The overall impact is one of top quality, unique beauty that will supplement conventional and contemporary styles as well.

As with any real timber ground, you can keep your new unique ground fresh by going over it with a real timber mop or machine every once in a while.  Santos Mahogany does not snare dust and substances like rug.

Reading this, it is easy to see why Santos mahogany flooring surfaces has become one of the top flooring surfaces options among property owners.  Its jealous strength along with its amazing good looks creates it a truly amazing flooring surfaces choice.

What is Exotic Wood Flooring?

ExoticHardwood flooring new 1


Exotic Wood Flooring is related with any product which is designed and manufactured from wood or timber for use as Flooring either structural or Elegant. The timber or wood flooring is a common choice for flooring material due to its durability, and restorability. Bamboo flooring is often considered a form of hardwood flooring, although it is made from a bamboo grass rather than a Timber.

Types of Solid Wood Flooring

Mainly there are two type of wood floors, the first is Solid wood floors and the second is Engineered wood floors. Later we discussed about the solid and engineered wood floors deeply in our next articles. Now we are focused on wood floors overview. lets see what it is?

Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood floors are made from the flat pieces of timber. Hardwood Floors were initially used for architectural and structural purposes, being installed verticle to the wooden support beams of a building known as bearers. With the use of concrete floor as a subflooring in some parts of the world, engineered hardwood flooring has gained some popularity. However, the solid hardwood flooring are still common and popular. It is common for homes in England, Eastern Canada, and Europian countries which are hundred years old to have the original solid hardwood flooring still in use

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is manufactured through minimum two or more layers of timber in the form of a plank. The top layer is the wood called lamella which is visible when the flooring is setup or installed and is adhered to the core. The stability of designed ‘engineered wood flooring’ is achieved by running each layer part at a 90° angle to the above layer part. This stability makes it a universal exotic wood flooring product that can be installed or setup over all kind of subfloors. It is the most common type of wood flooring which is used globally.

There are some different categories of engineered wood flooring:

All wood flooring products are made from sawn wood and are the most common category of engineered wood flooring. They do not use rotary peeled veneer, composite wood (such as HDF), or plastic in their construction.

Veneer floors use a thin layer of wood over a core that is commonly a composite wood product.

Acrylic impregnated wood flooring uses a layer of wood that is impregnated with liquid acrylic then hardened using a proprietary process.

Laminate and vinyl floors are often confused with engineered wood floors, but are not—laminate uses an image of wood on its surface, while vinyl flooring is plastic formed to look like wood.


Brazilian_walnut_floorsWith stunning creativity and beauty, Exotic hardwood floors provides a sense of dilemma for that space in your home that demands a strong declaration. Exotic Floors Direct provides remedy for this. In our Exotic floor collection, hard woods from around the world are carefully selected and sensibly collected, and feature stunning natural colors and strong, detailed graining.
We are official seller of Exotic floors as we are partner of BR-111 as well as we are into self floor of EFD section where you found exotic wood floors for decorating your home. We are very optimistic and provide unique and selective Exotic Floors on-line.
Hardwood surfaces are known for their superior solidity, which results in durability. Most unique varieties achieve greater rankings on the solidity scale than domestic varieties, so you may want to consider a fascinating and Exotic hardwood floors for a busy space or place like your kitchen or living room space.
Exotic Floors Direct is dedicated to responsible seeking for our unique and exotic hardwood flooring surfaces. We require our suppliers to verify their sticking to international regulations defending unique real wood varieties. We also ensure that no vulnerable unique hard woods are used in any of our items. Further, we partner with the Tropical Woodlands Foundation to continue to support and promote sustainable forest management and reduced impact logging practices.

Best Methods for Establish Exotic Hardwood Floors

For many years, we handled a Wood flooring store where we dealt some of the most wonderful, beautiful, creative and the rarest hardwood in the world.  As such, we can truly appreciate wood flooring made from these unique varieties.  However there are pros and cons to consider when choosing exotic forest for your venture.

Advantages of Exotic Hardwood Floors:

1. Hardness:  Exotic wood varieties, apart from Bamboo floors, provide the hardest floors available. Exotic Floors Direct scores calculating 2400 psi in contrast to conventional White-colored Oak at 1390.  Therefore, exotic wood floor’s varieties are your best option when involved about strength.
2. Unique appearance:  There is no mistaking the beautiful elegance that unique varieties provide to a style. From strong wealthy Mahogany to the natural lineal striping of Tiger wood.
3. Availability:  Most are available in a designed wood flooring system for improved balance. Also available in strong but be careful.
4. Finish:  Can be purchased incomplete for customization by Exotic Floor Direct Company (shop or online shop).

Disadvantages of Hardwood Floors:

1. Unstable:  Many exotic wood varieties like Tigerwood, Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Walnut, Santos Mahogany Flooring, Acacia wood Floors, Macchiato Pecan Flooring,  and others are extremely sensitive to changes in wetness, indicating significant development and shrinkage. Please be careful of the surroundings you are providing the wood into and plan to sustain a stronger patience of heat range and wetness variations than regular, especially with Exotic Hardwood Flooring.
2. Finish:  Almost all exotic wood flooring available on the internet are manufacturer completed several layers of a special adhessive and a loaded feed. This causes the outer lining space to be indicative which tends to make a “fake” wood look all over the flooring surfaces. This practice also makes re-coating, the behave of abrading the leading part and implementing a new top cover, very challenging.
3. Wear Layer:  A most of the prefinished exotic wood flooring available is produced with a slim use part, generally 0.6mm to 2mm.
4. Site Finish: Website completing exotic wood varieties can be done, but it provides its own set of difficulties.  Please study below.
5. Color Changes:  All wood varieties change shade over time and contact with UV light.  However, exotic wood varieties are more vulnerable to shade changes.  Please set client’s patience for shade changes in enhance.

Tips for appropriate choice of your exotic wood floor:

1. Buy from a well known resource with experience working with hard and volatile exotic wood varieties.
2. If site completing your floor it is crucial, please use a reliable, experienced wood flooring specialist that is well qualified in best complete practices of exotic wood flooring.
3. Job site circumstances, especially in personal, can present difficulties in the set up and completing levels of a venture. Please prolonged the wood floor acclimation period to decrease your risk.
4. Dust control is important. Many varieties have harmful dirt that can cause medical problems or problems in the home such as discoloration material, etc.
5. Exotics are often challenging to dirt.  The complete product a specialist uses consistently may not be suitable with your exotic wood floor specie.
6. Manage the customers objectives by working with the above problems in enhance.  Any specie chosen can be effective with appropriate knowledge and objectives.

As you begin discovering your style choices with Exotic Wood Flooring varieties, please you can contact us if you have any concerns or problems.  Exclusive wood varieties make wonderful wood flooring and can be a success if handled properly from style to completing.



Not so very long ago, to get the look of a fascinating Exotic hardwood floor without the end result charging you an arm and a leg, the only choice was to use brilliant discoloration techniques.  Generally originating from places such as Southern The united states, African-American, Indian and Japan, exotic hardwood surfaces are preferred not only for their visual principles but also because they are so long lasting and resilient as a hardwood surfaces choice. With titles like Ipe, African-American Wenge, Cumaru, Brazil Cherry and Hawaiian Mahogany, there’s little shock that this type of Wood Flooring is called exotic hardwood flooring.

The exotic hardwood is a term used for hardwood flooring which comes from outside of the UK and is commonly made up of varieties which don’t are available in our environment.  The Exotic hardwood flooring , Unique wood floors, comes in a whole range of shades and colors which simply are not found in forest indigenous to the UK, again strengthening the exotic characteristics of this hardwood flooring options and choices. In the past, it was quite often the case that natural wood forest were colored to look like exotic hardwood, but these days with the extensive accessibility and the comparative budget of exotic hardwood designed and strong hardwood floors, it is possible to have the genuine thing.

In the home or in professional qualities, exotic hardwood flooring can be used to make some really impressive internal design effects.  Companies black African-American Wenge hardwood flooring might be presented to a room to make a really amazing, modern background for the furniture, as can Rosewood.  If you’re looking for a less heavy choice, which will make a completely different look, Oriental Teak wood is highly likely to fit the invoice. Apart from its long lasting characteristics, another advantage of exotic hardwood flooring is that its wealth of color won’t reduce even with the toughest deterioration.

African-American Wenge, for example, is black to its primary, as is Rosewood and Oriental Teak wood is the same color within as it is on the outside.  This means that scrapes and small blemishes are less of an issue than they would be on surfaces which are tarnished to accomplish their preferred color. At once only an choice for those with a top-end budget, exotic hardwood surfaces is becoming a much more cost-effective, as well as preferred flooring surfaces choice, providing you the detail of color you’re looking for simultaneously as a really long lasting and resilient option.


hardwood-floor-hardwood-floors-instalationExotic hardwood floors are not the most well-known choice for floors. Most of the people choose domestic woods for the floors, and mainly because customers are not familiar with the timber features compared with domestic woods available in the forest. Of all the exotic forest bamboo bedding had seen a rise in popularity due to the strength in growing and the affordable price, but customers came to realize that bamboo bedding is not as eco-friendly as have been expected.

There are chemicals issues, and installation is not as easy as expected. Glue down is not an choice due to the kiln dry process. So what about the other exotic timber species? Tigerwood, Brazilian Cherry wood, Brazilian Teak wood, Brazilian Maple hardwood, and Patagonian Rosewood are all sensible flooring options for those who are looking for something a little different in a feed style with just as much, if not greater, strength as the household hardwoods flooring. “The Exotic Floors Direct is in the business of seeking wood floors for their strength, structure, style, and durability”, says EFD marketing manager for real Exotic Hardwood Flooring. “Exotic hardwood flooring is valued at real woods for their solidity and excellent beauty. The feed styles that can be attracted from the exotic woods are made from nature’s paintbrush.” This article will describe or explain the value of each variety of solid hardwoods and why they should be regarded as a flooring choice.

Tigerwood is known for its solid, black striping of dark lemon and black that appears like competition lines. The grain style is extremely excellent giving the finish an smooth look. Shade variations appear as a covering style which range from fantastic tan to deeper lemon, darkish, and black. On the solidity scale, Tigerwood is very strong, hard and durable with a ranking of 2160 on the Janka range. Tigerwood is photosensitive and will expand colors over time. Tigerwood also provides great wear level of resistance and encounters minimal bending. The heartwood of Tigerwood is resistant to harmful termites and other insects.

Brazilian Cherry wood is probably the most well-known of the exotic wood floors and is commonly used for both flooring surfaces and furniture. The Janka ranking is 2350 and the feed style includes very tight and lengthy streaming collections where feed styles can be quickly printed among panels for a ongoing flooring surfaces style. Shade varies from light yellow and light red whites to deeper brown colors. Brazil Cherry wood, in its raw state, takes up spots quickly allowing for a variety of shades such as black.

Brazilian Teak wood is a stand out hardwood type, as far as style, among the exotics, and has a Janka solidity ranking of 3540. Rough grain create up a style similar to excellent hair moving in a curly style, and when you look closely, panels are speckled with shades of gold, brown, auburn, shadowy, dark, and white. The several shades give Brazilian Teak wood color flexibility that can enhance any internal planning plan.

Brazilian Maple wood or Walnut Hard wood is very resilient with a Janka ranking of 3670 creating it an choice for both residential and commercial flooring surfaces. Heavy and excellent timber grain form lengthy collections with some radial styles on flooring surfaces panels for a more traditional look. Colors range from light yellow to a dark green with excellent black and dark collections.

Prizes for its strength Patagonian Rosewood covers the maps with a Janka ranking of 3840. Shade can vary from dark light red to dark red with lines of dark creating this timber different from all other exotic forest. Those who are looking to create a strong internal planning declaration should consider Patagonian Rosewood.

BR111 Flooring News

Portuguese Mill Buys BR-111 Stake
Portugal’s Ribadao Industria de Madeiras S.A. has purchased a stake in U.S. flooring brand BR-111. With its investment, Ribadao will “increase its support in the BR-111 supply chain including flooring production, lumber acquisition, and quality control,” according to a release from BR-111.

BR-111 President Ricardo Moraes declined to elaborate on financial details of the transaction, including how big a stake Ribadao now controls of BR-111.

One of Europe’s largest flooring mills, Ribadao sources its lumber from Brazil and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Some of Ribadao’s offerings include wenge, sapele, iroko, and afzelia, and it produces solid, engineered, prefinished, and unfinished flooring and moldings. The company carries FSC Chain of Custody and ISO 9001 certifications, and it is also CARB- and CE-compliant. BR-111 says Ribadao’s production capacity is more than 1.5 million square feet per month. In addition to its offices throughout Europe, Ribadao also maintains offices in South America, Australia, Africa and Asia.

“This new partnership with Ribadao gives us access to world-class production capabilities from one of the largest flooring producers in Europe,” Moraes said.

With the purchase, BR-111 dealers now have access to more exclusive species than ever before, Moraes added, including a slate of new products to be released this summer. Some of the first will range in price from $5.99 to $7.99 per sq. ft.