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Where Should I Buy My Flooring?

Isn’t that your question today?  Buying online is a scary thing let alone buying such an expensive item as flooring.  You see and hear ads everywhere and yet you are never really sure.  Exotic Floors Direct has  been selling flooring online for longer than nearly any other online flooring company, and we see this confusion over and over.   People are at a loss as to where to purchase.  Is it price and quality or should it be about something else?  Some would try to convince you that it should be about who can make the most noise through advertising.  Buying flooring based on a logo on a car at a NASCAR race or a billboard at a baseball game  is no way to shop.

We’re glad you found us today.    We aren’t fancy and don’t have an amazing ad campaign but what we do have are great prices on great flooring.   We believe you will not find better flooring at a better price and encourage you to see for yourselves.  Give us a call today and let us show you!