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hand-scraped molding and accessories 3/4″

Standard Profiles

BR-111™ offers the following moldings and accessories to complete final 3/4″ installation of Antiquity™ Hand-Scraped collection.

Reducer Strip

Use at thresholds to connect hardwood floor to vinyl or low-pile carpet. Fasten down with adhesive.

Stair Nosing

Add a professional finished look to steps and stairways. Fasten down with adhesive and nails (must be pre-drilled to prevent splitting).

Shoe Molding

Covers the space between the wall and hardwood flooring.Must be pre-drilled and nailed to the vertical surface, not the floor.


Provides a smooth transition between two different flooring surfaces, including hardwood to ceramic tile, marble, vinyl, or carpet.

Threshold Transition

Provides a smooth transition between hardwood and other flooring materials, terminating on one side. All moldings and accessories come in 88″ lengths and are sold 5 pieces to a box.
Treads and risers may be supplied via special order. Check with BR-111™ customer service for details.