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care and maintenance

Prefinished floors from BR-111™ provide superior wear and stain resistance. Even so, simple routine care and maintenance will help protect your floors and ensure years of hassle-free enjoyment and natural beauty. For unfinished flooring, follow specific care and maintenance instructions provided by finish manufacturer.


■ Sweep, vacuum, or dust mop regularly to prevent sand or abrasive dust build up that can scratch the floor’s finish.
■ Blot up spills immediately with a damp cloth.
■ Periodically clean floors using a leading brand of cleaner made for prefinished hardwood floors (follow directions on bottle).
■ Do not use ammonia or oil-based wax, polish, abrasive cleaners, or furniture cleaners.


■ Place high-quality floor mats and area rugs near outside entrances to prevent dirt, sand and other unwanted substances from being tracked directly onto flooring.
■ Support heavy furniture and appliances with wide-bearing glides or casters.
■ Affix felt floor protectors on movable furniture, including chairs, tables, and sofas, that sit directly on hardwood flooring.
■ Relative humidity should be maintained between 35% and 55% to minimize expansion and contraction of hardwood flooring.
■ Avoid walking on floors with sharp, “stiletto” style high-heel shoes.

PolyCare Hardwood Floor Cleaning System

Everything you need for fast and easy wood floor cleaning in one convenient package. Purchase on-line at

■ 20 oz. PolyCare
Spray Cleaner
■ 52” Telescopic Mop Handle
■ Durable Molded Plastic
Mop Head
■ Machine Washable Terry
Cloth Cover
■ Cleaning Guide

PolyCare Spray (20 oz.)

Ready to use no-rinse PolyCare Cleaner is perfect for all
polyurethane treated wood products. Trigger-spray head
adjusts from mist to stream. Use on laminate, synthetic
and pre-finished hardwood flooring as well as cabinets,
furniture, railings, counters and woodwork. Provides the
outstanding results of PolyCare concentrate, without
measuring or mixing.

PolyCare Concentrate (20 oz.)

The original no-rinse PolyCare
concentrate is specially formulated
for use on all polyurethane treated
wood products. Simply mix 2 ounces
of PolyCare concentrate to one gallon
of warm water. Light, fresh scented
PolyCare leaves prefinished hardwood
floors sparkling clean without a lingering
odor or residue.

PolyCare Scuff Remover (20 oz.)

Special cream formula lifts heel marks
and tough stains from polyurethane
treated wood floors in seconds.
Commercially tested and rated for
gym floors, PolyCare Scuff Remover is
ideal for all high traffic areas, including
kitchens and hallways. Wipe on, wipe
off application leaves behind only a
pleasant lemon scent.

Terry Cloth Mop Cover (2 per pack)

Made from 100% pure cotton, the
PolyCare Terry Cloth Mop Cover is
hand sewn to fit the PolyCare mop
head. Durable, high quality terry cloth
is reversible and machine washable for
maximum service.

PolyCare Concentrate (Gallon)

Economical gallon size features
the same formula as our 20 oz.
concentrate. Perfect for commercial
applications or anywhere large areas
of polyurethane treated wood surfaces
must be regularly cleaned
and maintained.