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Santos Mahogany – The Esthestic & Elegance Hardwood Floors

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Santos Mahogany flooring surfaces is one of the most popular aesthetic exotic hard wood floor in the world. Santos Mahogany wood floor has wonderful red brownish to deep red colour that remains to be continuous over time, and its tight grain provides as an beautiful complement to the rich shades with its fine, unique distinctive strokes. Like many Brazil exotic woods, Santos Mahogany wood offers not only a wonderful overall look but impressive strength as well. With a Janka ranking of 2,200, Santos Mahogany surfaces are 18% more complicated than Peach surfaces, the toughest of Northern American hard woods. For strength and awesome looks, a Santos Mahogany floor is challenging to defeat.

Benefits & Attributes of Santos Mahogany Flooring

Santos Mahogany wood / timber is organic to the jungles of central US and Southern US, from Peru to maxico, where the shrub can grow to 100 ft. high and have trunks that are up to 3 ft. wide.  Santos Mahogany is not a true mahogany timber.  The mahogany headline was connected to the name as a marketing scheme.  But that does not mean that it is any reduced in quality.  In fact, Santos mahogany is regarded one of the best timber wood for use as exotic hardwood floors.

The reason for Santos mahogany’s success as flooring product is its organic solidity and grain.  BR111 Santos mahogany flooring is ranked at 2200 on the Janka Hardness Range, an above regular ranking that surpasses most other flooring surfaces options and is 71% more complicated than the well-known red oak flooring surfaces.  A very interlocked grain design contributes to this, making Santos mahogany flooring surfaces one of the most resilient real timber hardwood floors options available.  This means that you can set up Santos mahogany flooring surfaces in great traffic places such as halls or cooking places without fear of denting or damaging.  Family members with animals or kids need not fear about the extra deterioration.

Santos Mahogany’s natural sturdiness creates it rather difficult to work with.  Make sure your resources are distinct and pre-drill gaps before securing or messing.  Emery paper should be fresh so that you can bring out the wood’s amazing enhance.

No one can refuse that mahogany flooring surfaces provides an amazing show.  Along with taste varies from light orange-browns to black whites and purples, with yellow-colored overtones throughout.  The interlocked feed sets up these shades in powerful, attractive ribbons styles.  The overall impact is one of top quality, unique beauty that will supplement conventional and contemporary styles as well.

As with any real timber ground, you can keep your new unique ground fresh by going over it with a real timber mop or machine every once in a while.  Santos Mahogany does not snare dust and substances like rug.

Reading this, it is easy to see why Santos mahogany flooring surfaces has become one of the top flooring surfaces options among property owners.  Its jealous strength along with its amazing good looks creates it a truly amazing flooring surfaces choice.