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Tigerwood Hardwood Flooring

tigerwood-hardwood-floorsTigerwood Flooring is beautiful exotic Brazilian specie which provides one of the most special floorings you will ever see. Tigerwood Flooring is so called because it has a dark orange colour with dark veins which give it a tiger-like look. Tigerwood Flooring will darken slightly to a redder tone with exposure to sunlight.

Here we have some general guidelines about Tigerwood Hardwood Flooring. Tiger-wood flooring is one of the easiest woods to polish in the world, but sanding requires some skill. You must be very careful when sanding because improper technique may result in permanent damage. Sawing is also a problem with Tigerwood Flooring. Most flooring experts recommend using carbide-tipped cutting tools in order save as much of the woods strength as possible. Tigerwood Flooring will hold nails very well, but pre-boring is highly recommended.

You must be careful with Tigerwood Floors because if exposed to sunlight, it will change color. Do not be surprised if the floor in front of windows is a different color than the floor surrounding it. Tigerwood Floor is an excellent wood flooring product despite the drawbacks.

Tigerwood Flooring is primarily used in flooring, paneling, furniture and can even be used as decking. It lends an exotic, dynamic feeling to rooms and is quite durable. It can be expensive and conveys a sense of luxury. Because of its strength, it is often hard to install as flooring or decking. It is primarily used as Tigerwood flooring as well as other building materials such as decks and paneling. The sapwood is light in color and can range from tan to red, while the heartwood colors consist of a rich brown with dark striations that gives it a unique look.

Prized for its strength and durability, Tigerwood Flooring has become a popular choice for flooring. Tigerwood hardwood flooring costs more than other strong woods but it immediately gives any room an exotic feeling. An added advantage is that the surface has a slight oily appearance making it appear to be polished.

Proper care for the floor should be the same as for any typical wood floor, Tigerwood or no. With the following important and preventative steps, the life of your beautiful floor can be extended. The care can be remembered in two words: Protect and Clean. Protect by placing area rugs in more high use areas along with trimming your pet’s nails. Add felt protectors to the bottom of furniture and vacuum any dirt to prevent the scratching of the wood. Clean any spill immediately to avoid possible water damage and always use cleaning solutions that have been recommended by the retailer. If a solution was not mentioned, then make your own solution of water with approximately 10 percent of comparable window cleaner.tigerwood_hardwood_flooring

These simple steps are quick and affordable ways to extend the life of your Tigerwood wide plank flooring. Tigerwood floors can be more expensive than typical hardwood floors, but this special hardwood can make a bold statement for any room of the house and last for many years with very little effort.

The base colors of the wood deepen with time. Also, it tends to change and develop a character with time which makes it more appealing even when it is old.

Working with Tigerwood Hardwood Flooring

Tigerwood floor is regarded only reasonably difficult to perform with, especially with their hands. Reducing sides may use down more easily than with other timber types, so carbide-tips or pieces are suggested for equipment. Pre-drilling is also suggested when messing and securing tigerwood. These steps are best to provide the wood’s qualities, but of course also to provide to secure your investment in this unique timber choice.
Sanding can also present more of a task with this hard unique timber, and for huge programs like surfaces, professional planning is suggested.
Tigerwood can be enclosed for longer durability but weather conditions well normally as well; no additives are needed. Based on the amount of sunshine the timber will get, along with will often progressively color over time, emphasizing its unique feed design and giving it a a little bit more simple striping and improved shine.

Moisture Material in Tigerwood Flooring

As with any other timber types or wood species, moisture content (MC) is crucial to defending the reliability of any tigerwood end item.

Tigerwood can be prepared regionally to reduce import/export costs, especially in wood flooring surfaces programs. As an example, most (if not all) tigerwood wood flooring surfaces is machined in Southern The united states because it is more cost-effective to deliver completed components than the raw wood itself.

Wagner Metres MMC220It is generally dried to lower MCs for flooring, but as with any exotic wood products or timber item, it is vital to allow the hardwood species to come to a gradual, organic stability with the comparative moisture or relative humidity (RH) and heat range of the surroundings it will be set up and used in. This stability is generally known as the stability wetness content, or EMC, and is of crucial significance to avoiding moisture-related problems in any wood products, but particularly in these exotic wood forests that grow in dramatically different different natural environments.

Using a wood moisture meter like the Wagner Metre is better way to accurately measure and assess the wood’s MC and to monitor the process of equilibration to its surrounding environment. With accurate moisture measurement at each level of the project, tigerwood end items will give years of dramatic strength and elegance wherever the end item will be used.

How to Take Care of Tigerwood Hardwood Flooring

Tigerwood Flooring is an exotic Brazilian hardwood sometimes used for flooring. Named for its striped grain that somewhat resembles tiger stripes, Tigerwood Floors are harder than oak and has some specific characteristics that affect the maintenance needed to keep the flooring in optimum condition. Aside from standard wood floor care guidelines such as sweeping regularly and avoiding water mopping, there are specific points to follow when you have a Tigerwood hardwood floor. The main thing to keep in mind that Tigerwood is photosensitive, and the color of the wood will deepen with age.


  1. Avoid rubber-backed mats and rugs, as the backing may discolor your Tigerwood hardwood floor.
  2. Change the location of your rugs once a month; twice a month if they are placed in front of doors and windows.
  3. Use light filtering window treatments that will prevent sunlight from hitting the Tigerwood in the same area each day.
  4. Consider rearranging your furniture on a regular basis, such as seasonally. This will allow the flooring to darken and age uniformly